From early childhood on, I was in constant, very close contact with German and English. Both languages were intensively cultivated at my parents' house and a lot of emphasis was placed on international education. The proximity of two US military bases and the international friendships of my parents allowed me to grow up in a bilingual environment and to this day I speak and write both languages with native proficiency.

As a teenager I spent several summers in the US before I decided, after completion of the Abitur (general qualification for university entrance) in the year 2000, to accept a one-year position as a teacher for German, English and Math at a private school in Florida.

After this very interesting and inspiring year I began my studies of "History and Theory of Art and Literature" as well as "Integrated Social and Cognitive Psychology" at an English-speaking private university in Germany. After successful completion of both Bachelor of Arts degrees. I decided to continue my studies with a Master of Arts in "Intercultural Humanities."

During my studies I repeatedly worked as a proofreader, copy-editor and translator for various professors and began to increasingly enjoy the accompanying familiarization with the diverse topics and fields I came across. Therefore, while finishing my degrees, I completed various internships with a focus on proofreading and translation and gained my first insights into the publishing sector.

In 2007, I decided to turn my passion for language, scientific texts and all kinds of subject areas into a profession. Since then, I have been working full-time as a translator and proofreader and I am very happy that within a short time I was able to convince numerous business and private customers of my performance - in the area of translation as well as in the fields of proofreading and transcription.

Not only my professional but also my private life is greatly influenced by both the English and German languages. Thanks to my American husband, my residence in the US, and frequent stays in Germany, I am permanently exposed to both languages and experience linguistic fluctuation firsthand, a fact that is imperative for successful translations and accurate corrections/transcriptions.

Bilingual corrections and transcriptions - but primarily also the transfer of a text into another language - time and again pose new, exciting challenges that require a good feel for language and a great deal of concentration, but which therefore are unbelievably fulfilling as well. 

My past experience and education have laid a solid foundation for my present position as a professional translator and proofreader. Ask me for a free quote or short sample translation and benefit from my services.

I would be happy to be able to welcome you among my satisfied customers soon!

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