Proofreading - scoring with correct texts

My proofreading services include the correction of texts with regard to spelling, punctuation and grammar. As a rule, corrections are carried out with the help of the MS-WORD or PDF editing function. This is a method that permits the customer to easily retrace and examine all changes in the document.

Upon request, I also make stylistic changes of limited scope and propose changes regarding the coherence and logical structure of the work. Questions or comments are inserted in the margins, allowing the customer to easily locate the passage in the text to which the comment refers.

Whether you are a student, professional agency, website owner or presenter, with me your texts are in good hands!


  Most proofreaders ask for fixed prices. This is not true of my services. I coordinate the price of every proofreading job individually with you on the basis of the specific services needed and will gladly explain in detail how the price is determined and what the expenditure of time for a particular job will be. Fixed prices and quantity discounts are available upon request. In me you will always find a personal contact who will gladly answer your questions - if necessary also on weekends or in the evening.
If your company is located in Europe, use the time difference to your advantage. My place of residence is 6 hours behind MET, so if you send me a text by 6 p.m. MET as an express order, I can have it back to you in the a.m.

Feel free to contact me for a non-binding quote!

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