Translations - language that connects

Due to increasing globalization, it is often important to aptly translate contents and linguistic subtleties into another language.

Without translations, trade between different countries, acquisition of new customers outside one's own cultural sphere, and achievement of a company's optimal marketing potential would not be possible. To optimize one's success, websites should be multilingual. Business correspondence often has to be drawn up in another language, and corporate meetings may require interpreters.

More and more frequently, scientific publications also have to be made available in English, but not every scientist is able to or wants to prepare an accurate translation himself. Often there is an understandable lack of detailed knowledge or technical vocabulary in the other language or it would simply take too long to write up a complex scientific text in a language other than one's mother tongue.

Translations can also render important services for private persons. An increasing number of people seek their fortune abroad and require a cover letter or resume tuned to the target language and culture. Or maybe you need help with your travel planning and would like a native speaker who completes your bookings or your Internet research on foreign language sites or mediates during a bilingual outing.

You as the customer know best what you need. I am here to help you get it. To this end I offer various translation services.

A small excerpt of possible translation areas:
   General translations (Englisch <=> German):
- websites
- company magazines
- travel reports
- newspaper reports
- correspondence
- e-mails
- resumes

Scientific translations (English <=> German):
- scientific articles
- course work
- presentations
- theses
- specializations: medicine, biology, psychology, art history, literature, religious studies, philosophy, history

Technical translations (English <=> German):
- instruction manuals

Additional translation services:
- English/German telephone calls
- interpreting conference calls via Skype
- Internet research on English and German websites
- assistance during business trips to the USA/to Germany
- assistance during outings, business meals, etc. with your English-/German-speaking friends, clients, or business partners
- translation of your correspondence (personal and business)
- mediation between cultures at weddings and other events

My personal services are limited to the English and German languages. However, thanks to a well-developed network of colleagues and translation agencies, I am also able to arrange for translations in and from almost all other languages!

Most translators and translation agencies ask for fixed prices and charge horrendous daily rates. Assignments abroad are often not covered at all. This is not true of my services. I coordinate the price of every translation individually with you and will gladly explain in detail how the price is determined and what the expenditure of time for a particular job will be. Fixed prices, quantity discounts and discounts for extended stays abroad are also possible. In me you will always find a personal contact who will gladly answer your questions - if necessary also on weekends or in the evening.

If your company is located in Europe, use the time difference to your advantage. My place of residence is 6 hours behind MET, so if you send me a text by 6 p.m. MET as an express order, I can have it back to you in the a.m.

Feel free to contact me for a non-binding quote!

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