Visual Learning - Positionen im internationalen Vergleich
Translation of one article into German
The Frangipani Oracle
Translation into English (a truly beautiful artistic project)
Medical Care in Germany: Epidemiology, Health Economics and Outcome Research with IMS Patient Databases
Translation into English (with the exception of one chapter)
Migration, Integration and Health    
          Translation of several chapters into English
Der Sinn der Sünde - Die sieben Todsünden und warum sie gut für uns sind
German translation

From Bean to Bar
Translation into English
Hair Gnomes
Translation into English (interactive iPad book)
The wild wild wind
Translation into English. This was a particularly challenging project, because the translation needed to rhyme just like the original and still match the animated images for the iPad eBook. A great project during which the author and I had tons of fun.
Datenbankbasierte epidemiologische Untersuchungen zur Behandlung von Patienten mit Diabetes mellitus in Deutschland
Little Sinai Companion
In the Desert - Plants, Animals, Bedouins
Translation into English

Sample projects

Here you will find a small selection of previous projects. If these are not convincing enough, please do not hesitate to ask me for additional references.
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